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Yes/No Readings

What is the 'Yes or No Fortune Teller'?

The 'Yes or No Fortune Teller' is a website where you can ask any kind of question. You will always receive a positive or negative answer.

Who can use the fortune teller?

Anyone can use it. You do not need any special skills but only Internet access and a web browser.

Why use it?

There are times in life when you don't know what choice to make. Here are some examples where you can use the 'Yes or No Fortune Teller'.

The Fortune teller

Yes or no question

We all have some questions without a clear answer. The fortune teller is here to help you.

Will an umbrella be useful today ?

You can access weather forecast online easily with Internet nowadays. But sometimes it's wrong, particularly if you are living between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. So, why not trying the Yes or No Fortune teller ?

Is Thailand a cheap and nice place to go on holiday ?

Yes, I'm sure you will enjoy it. You can find everything there, from the big city that never sleeps to the lonely beach just for you and your girlfriend. The best season to go is between November and March, but you can still try the rest of the year. It's actually June and it's sunny and not so hot !

Do I really love her ?

You are the only one that can answer this question, even if it's difficult sometimes. Try to relax and listen to your heart.

Others questions

Can I quit smoking ?

It's really hard to do but advised. Try to do it in a moment you are not too much stressed. If you are in the countryside, it's easier because you can go for a walk or a run anytime. We believe in you !

Can I use the fortune teller on line for free ?

Yes you can, even if you want, there's sadly no way to pay.

Am I going to lose my teeth ?

The best way as this not to happen is to brush them every day and not to eat too much sugar.

The yes or no fortune teller can make coffee ?

No, you have to stand up, go to your kitchen and do it by your own. This feature is not easy to implement on a website.

Fortune telling

Is this game stupid ?

We prefer not to reply.

Can I run faster than the speed of light ?

A guy named Albert Einstein has already said some important things about that. I don't really remember the theory but a quick search will give you some informations.

Do you love me ?

Obviously !

Yes or no ?

Can I swim from New York to Lisbon ?

I don't know if somebody has already tried it but, in 1998, Benoît Lecomte crossed the Atlantic Ocean swimming. It's 5980 kilometers ! But I think he is a kind of professional. So maybe you have to train a lot first.

Is this game free ?

Yes, obviously.

Is it a boy or a girl ?

We don't know. The best way to have an answer is to do ultrasound. You can also try old grandma's techniques but without knowing if it really works. For example, it seems that frequent morning sickness indicates that the baby is a girl.

Yes or No

Some interesting questions to the oracle yes or no.

Can I ask you something ?

The fortune teller has been created in this way. So relax and start talking.

Will I ever get married ?

The percentage of married people is really high in the world. And if you have a look at the population growth, you can make your own conclusion about having kids.

Do you feel the same ?

Yes, I'm a bit hungry now. Maybe I'm going to fry two eggs and some bacon.

Yes or no ? This is the question.

Is this love that I'm feeling ?

I wanna know now (Bob Marley).

Is it possible that life exists on other planets ?

Personally, I'm not sure where I'm coming from. But no kidding, I think so. There's too many stars and planets in the sky so that we are the only form of life. The next question is if we are going to meet some aliens.

Is it possible to change my eyes color ?

You can use lenses. It's fashionable in some countries.

Do you know which movie I can watch tonight ?

If you are looking for a comedy, I really like 'The Big Lebowski'. If you are looking for a good story, I will recommend 'Little big man'.

Is it possible to learn Spanish easily ?

It depends on your mother tongue. If you are French or Italian it may be not so much difficult. You will be able quickly to have really simple conversation. If you are Chinese, it may be harder.

The yes or no free game on-line.

Do I need a visa for Chili ?

Try to go on their embassy website, you will certainly find an answer. For example, if you are Swedish, you don't need one and you can travel there during 3 months without problems.

Can I use my cellphone to cook potatoes ?

I never tried it, try to search on Youtube.

Are you sleepy ?

Yes, I confess... I may have to drink a coffee.

Do you think having a simple vision of life contributes to happiness ?

I don't understand your question, but I feel happy...